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Generally, patch change reporting will take place using the file fixes.txt located in the Jumpgate installation folder on your computer. This area includes information about game changes that occur without an accompanying client patch.

Jumpgate(TM) - Change Information
2-18-2011 v.1.0125

-Enhanced performance of map screen to coax increased fps.
-Altered reward system for infestation destruction: any nuke hit is now rewarded substantially.

1-28-2011 v.1.0124

-Updated the default keymap to be more intuitive for the typical new player. Default keymap updated on JOSSH Flight Academy.
-Altered function of the Docking Computer to rely on targeting the station rather than a separate object.

1-25-2011 v.1.0123

-Lowered speed requirement and adjusted rate of FuelScoop MODx.
-Made an adjustment affecting framerate performance of Intel onboard display devices.
-Changed login process and sequence to allow retries on failure.
-Created a connection timer so the client no longer hangs if the server is unreachable.
-Adjusted beacon xp rewards upward for home and non-neutral faction regions.

1-17-2011 v.1.0122

-Mission system fix for serious problem caused by the Cargo FM adjustment on the client.

1-17-2011 v.1.0121

-Implemented "Mercenary" flight registry with many characteristics of old HG registry.
-Military kills of Military in regulated space will no longer be subject to off-faction PR penalties.
-Obsolete TRI Faction Mission UI elements now marked as "Corporate", broadening the RP use of that FM "slot".
-Altered function of Cargo FMs to accept a pre-existing subtype of commodity they couldn't handle previously.
-Replaced the Wyvern mesh (Oct Transport) with a retouched, symmetric version as a key technology test.
-Fixed a repair beam bug resulting from some anti-cheat tests added in either patch 119 or 120.

12-17-2010 v.1.0120

-Added GM tools to assist with future squad data management.
-Removed tradegood commodities from recipe lists.
-Tradegood commodities sold to stations will no longer be placed on the market floor for repurchase.
-Corrected operation of Nearest Target command in ENEMY and COMBAT radar modes.
-Trap item now destroys capacitor of pirate rather than killing pirate outright.
-Partially implemented new GM tools for POS data management (ongoing project).

11-09-2010 v.1.0119

-Altered ENEMY radar setting to display also missiles attacking the player.
-Added new COMBAT radar mode, displaying gates, flux, ships, and missiles, as a general alternative.
-Fixed sim bug in which changing guns in the sim resulted in being unable to damage fellow simmers.
-Added filter to server code to block import of occasional trash data coming from Account Management that can gum up the works elsewhere.

10-28-2010 v.1.0118

-Added support for five 16:9 & 16:10 widescreen resolution options: 1280x720, 1440x900, 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200.
-Fixed a longstanding problem with improper evaluation of PR by player-to-player trading in unregulated stations.
-Began altering commodity icons in preparation for future economy system changes.
-Slightly adjusted mining ore ratios: reduced ratios of 9 commods in low usage but high abundance, increased ratio of silicon, carbon.
-Added command "/tour", informs Military pilots how many missions remain without needing recourse to JOSSH for info.
-Altered behavior of the Military overlay map button. It now properly turns itself off when the map is closed.
-Added PR rewards for holding beacons: every 20 beacon updates a player receives credit for will reward +1 PR if PR > 0.
-Increased beacon credit rewards for fourth holding period.
-Altered operation of kill messages in such a way as to resolve the longstanding "missing kill message" bug.
-Adjusted some of the client's interaction with the network layer, opening possibility of future similar work on client and servers.
-Added a framework of GM functions supporting possible future events.

9-2-2010 v.1.0117

-Fixed a bug that was causing repair beams to not work properly since patch 115.
-Added information to client error output to help with video crash diagnosis.
-Fixed problem that allowed Military pilots to obtain Military Patrol mission credit using wrong BCU type.
-Fixed a problem with a GM command that could inadvertently cause a player's client to crash.
-Fixed an issue with biomass extraction.

8-24-2010 v.1.0116

-Fixed a crash bug caused by new player tips.
-Fixed a problem with flight data causing client to exit when not in WinXP compatibility mode.
-Added a new player tutorial tip for the first jump event.

8-18-2010 v.1.0115

-Tweaked text in chat-related new player tips.
-Fixed a bug related to spawning of pure roids in conflux space.
-Fixed a crash bug associated with a GM tool that hadn't been used in years.
-Fixed a bug in the data reported by an old admin tool.
-Set the rank requirement for the Duelist MODx to rank 0. Reduced Duelist price accordingly.
-Set the rank requirements for the VTC I and Bullseye to rank 0. These items will eventually be eliminated.
-Set the rank requirements for all Scanners and Cameras to Rank 0.
-Set the rank requirements for the Duster and Excavator mining beams to 0.
-Reduced the base prices of the Bender, Duster, and Excavator guns.


Server update:
- pures have been moved closer to gates in flux space.
- adjustments have been made to Conflux spawns.
- pure asteroid generator now chooses more frequently from a list of commodities in global shortage.
- beacon payouts (cred/xp) have been increased, and made easier to change.
- network loading has been adjusted for a specific packet type, which apparently may be enough to mitigate some launch and jump hangs experienced by players with low bandwidth thresholds.

7-9-2010 v.1.0114

-Corrected access to new player lister for EPs, added indicator for empty result.
-Added roll control toggle: /toggleroll to switch between default and original keyboard roll controls.
-Fixed a rare crash bug in a message display function.
-Set faster spawn rates in Conflux space.

6-30-2010 v.1.0113

-Corrected a problem with old cheat detection in sim related to shields.
-Set default channel for all new players to be :chat instead of :help.
-Added new /slash command for EPs and GMs to list any new players in game.
-Changed keyboard roll controls to not be continuous. i.e. roll halts on release now, to aid new pilots.
-Increased maximum FM progress contribution of a delivery 10x from 50u to 500u.
-Resolved a problem with TrackIR activation in Options screen that could cause a crash.

10-11-2007 v.1.0112

-Fixed a bug that caused music audio to cut off during any jump.
-Rectified an issue in the network code that has adversely affected Linksys hardware users since Jumpgate's release.
-Adjusted login handlers to accomodate planned billing system changes.
-Added TrackIR support: TrackIR users will automatically toggle a freelook mode when inflight.
-Blocked a bug that could result in being kicked by the server when equipping a ship in a POS Hangar.
-Corrected a bug in Combat faction missions.
-Added a cleanup function to solve problems with Hangars when a POS owner leaves a squad.
-Burglar will now function as a Displacer in addition to its piracy function.
-Applied a bandaid to a new bug in the map render code that caused stretching.
-Fixed a potential crash bug involving Military Procurement missions.
-VISTA COMPATIBILITY PATCH: Network code changed to accomodate absence of MS DirectPlay support in Microsoft Vista.

11-3-2006 v.1.0111

-Fixed simulator docking-access problem affecting military pilots whose factions are Hostile.
-Increased sensitivity of factional relationships to player activity.
-Fixed a serious problem that could result from having the military mission selection screen open during a faction relationship state change.
-Adjusted defense droid responses to attacks on military pilots in a station sector.
-Attempted to address longstanding 0a bug.
-Rectified an issue in the joystick handlers that has affected Saitek hardware users since Jumpgate's release.
-Fixed problem with POS docking in Unreg space by Military pilots.
-Addressed an exploit resulting from a problem with inflight logout and POS replenishment that could have combat repercussions.
-Corrected a problem with the insurance information display dialog.
-Fixed a bug affecting the interaction of the Opti military intelligence map tool with Recon mission runners.
-Corrected several bugs in the client code exposed by use of a new compiler.
-Fixed minor beacon payout issue relating to simulator.

8-31-2006 v.1.0110

-Bugfixes: Military patrols reinstated and fix to beacon problem implemented.
-Adjustments made to home faction PR hit when a demerit is assigned to a Military pilot.
-An exploit in the Raid mission mechanism was blocked.

8-27-2006 v.1.0109

-Faction Conflict I patch released
-Added new insurance system for Civilians. Rookies and Military pilots receive full coverage from their faction. Documentation on JOSSH.
-Added bounty source icons for the HUD, making it easy to determine the factions offended by a targeted pilot.
-Sector Claims feature removed as part of insurance code changes; will be replaced with factional Territory Control in upcoming Faction Conflict II patch.
-Kills of Civilians no longer update a kill stat, much like kills of pilots flying under the Rookie registry.
-Added factional Military Registry and signup interface.
-Added 7 factional Military Missions: Courier, Procurement, Recon, Patrol, Espionage, Raid, and Combat.
-Added Military medal hierarchy for completion of missions and Tours of Duty.
-Added Military demerit medals, affecting awards and access for Military missions, along with methods for amnesty.
-Adjusted ENEMY mode radar to include Military pilots of a Hostile faction.
-Altered F1 chat to a semi-global state to promote factional military use. Non-local transmission keyed to tuned beacons.
-Activated a Military Intel map tool for Optis originally implemented in patch 1.0104 - documentation on JOSSH under Opti Commands.
-Rebalanced characteristics of a majority of the shields, for variety and usability.
-Bomber changes: speeds increased to fleet speeds; guns cut to reduce dogfighting capabilities; cargo adjusted to carry reloads.
-Quantar ship role exchange: Monsoon is now the Quantar Bomber. Tornado is now the Quantar HF. Small adjustments made to both ships appropriate to their revised roles.
-Dragon (Oct HF) shield slot set to sz3 as part of the shield rebalance process.
-Added a new GM utility command to help with events.
-Corrected a minor issue allowing a check for rank promotion to occur twice upon a dock event.
-Fixed an apparently longstanding bug in Scout photo mission generation that could allow a null target if taken from Hyperial or Amananth.
-Fixed a problem with the Trade interface on POS breaking when POS Options was selected during a trade.
-Linked JOSSH factional standings display sliders to game information on faction relationships.
-Fixed problems preventing operation of JOSSH weather display since 2003.
-Added "sell all" market interface button to help speed up large-quantity sales in stations.

2-27-2006 v.1.0108

-Corrected a problem that appeared when the /vouch command was made compliant with other Opti tools.
-Made some minor adjustments to the /assist functions to aid EPs and GMs trying to help other players.
-Flux turrets will no longer count toward fluxing missions due to ease of killing them.
-Corrected a glitch with the conflux hives that could hamper GMs conducting events.
-Corrected a minor problem that could result in incorrect droid launches during events.
-Resolved mining mission error which allowed occasional offers of lvl 3 semifluxor missions from Hyperial. Such missions were correctly offered at lvl 2.
-Credits for flux kills will now be updated inflight.
-Corrected Ship Config handling of MODx slots on Chiropteran.
-Fixed a bug causing failure to update ship availability when status of a Naval Yard building changed due to damage or repair.
-Fixed a longstanding problem with Patrol mission generation that resulted in missions with blanks that were impossible to complete without support team intervention.
-Adjusted Patrol mission payouts slightly upward, and added cred/xp bonuses for sectors on your patrol list outside your starting region.
-Fixed a problem in which a nearby rotacol point would erroneously disallow a POS build request.
-Made a small econ adjustment to correct Event-related demand handling.
-Corrected a longstanding problem with handling of an empty first gunslot.
-Due to complaints, the /away message will now be passed through the standard profanity filter like regular chat.
-Fixed /home data loss issues on server restarts.

1-31-2006 v.1.0107

-Altered /mentor to remove exploitability. A feature with functionality parallel to the unintended use of /mentor may be added in the future.
-Added new slash command "/r" (or "/reply") to quickly set your F4 to the last pilot who whispered you.
-Added customizable mayday comms keys for combat use. Default keys are "-" for squad and "=" for faction. Options screen configurability for these is in the Controls:Combat section.
-Attempted to address reported /home data loss issues on server restarts through changes to data storage.
-Added new scanner capability to provide building damage status for a targeted building. Required range is 2000m.

1-6-2006 v.1.0106

-Reduced rate of water usage required for production efficiency at TRI stations.
-Added new slash command "/prodefc" available to Optis. This tool is intended to provide factional information to help with economy teamwork. It lists out the current production efficiency of each station owned by the Opti's faction.
-Adjusted rate of RB repair on buildings for better balance.
-Fixed a conflux handoff problem resulting from changes in patch 1.0104.
-Corrected several problems which had combined to inhibit potential use of Transport-type and Combat-type FMs.
-Addressed issues with the F12 targetting function causing problems with conflux and erroneous radar data. Also updated F12 to conform fully with recent radar changes made in 1.0104.
-Added two new GM tools to aid with sentient conflux events.
-Enhanced Tooling Centers with recycling functionality. This is an initial version that will be modified once equipment damage is implemented.
-Corrected a small problem in the pricing equation for commodities at consumer stations. This will result in smoothing of what had unintentionally been a step function.
-Relaxed criteria slightly for cargo mission generation, to allow freer generation of missions, but maintaining constraint that any generated missions be economically useful.
-Fixed a longstanding problem with the inflight logout system that prevented a killable ship from remaining visible for 5 min to pilots in the sector as intended. This deterrent to players quitting during combat has been restored. Further measures will be considered as necessary.

11-30-2005 v.1.0105

-Resolved an inconsistency in the /prodboost command feedback.
-Corrected Ship Config handling of MODx slots on Tempest, Harmattan, Simurgh, and Quarrier.
-Added Options screen configurability for the two new radar controls that appeared in patch 1.0104.
-Addressed another bug improperly causing a potential 1-hr kick event experienced by some players.
-Fixed a swarm-related exploit.
-Implemented a system to allow use of Repair Beams on damaged buildings. This is a provisional repair system to hold us until all the building models can be revised.
-Fixed a chat bug created when a subsystem was added several patches ago to allow Mentors to check for TRI Rookie registry pilots in the :help channel.

11-2-2005 v.1.0104

-Fixed a bug in the new profanity filter that caused problems with specific nonalphanumeric characters.
-Fixed a bug that prevented immediate xp updates from Ore Depot dropoffs.
-Corrected a problem with sound shutoff for beam weapons when gun mode is changed.
-Removed the KTRI bounty related messages; all bounty messages have been consolidated to the renamed BOUNTY: channel.
-Added a new GM utility command to help with events.
-Added a new tool for intel gathering by Optis that will use the upcoming Military registry. Access is blocked until a future patch.
-Changed building update system so that server interface and faction mission updates to buildings occur in real-time. No more need to exit and reenter a sector to see changes.
-Implemented GM controls and basic functionality for the building damage system intended as part of factional warfare.
-Added building damage notification messages, restricted access to each faction's Optimus pilots.
-Fixed a minor texture map problem with exploding missiles.
-Added new slash command "/oredepots" available to Optis. This tool is intended to provide factional information to help with economy teamwork.
-Added new slash command "/prodboost" available to Optis. This tool is intended to provide limited production control over own-faction equipment. Syntax: "/prodboost " where is a commod or equip.
-Corrected a problem with the "cargo bay full" message that caused it not to reappear after mining subsequent to a visit to an ore Depot to offload ore.
-Changed the basic radar display to show and target gates, stations and beacons in all modes.
-Fixed a radar bug existing possibly since release that caused buildings and POS to display in the radar disk when a conflux was targetted in ENEMY display mode.
-Fixed a longstanding radar bug involving failure to lose lock on a ship that "roids" successfully while being observed. A similar bug for ECM is also believed to be fixed.
-Fixed a radar bug that allowed a pilot to cycle through the sector POS list even radar power was cut off.
-Fixed a very old problem with the "Target Under Reticle" radar feature (was most noticable with POS).
-Fixed an old radar problem that would allow lock to be retained on a target even after switching to a mode that disallows selection of that target.
-Added basic text notification system to advise players about changes in their faction's warfare state.
-Added new slash command "/warinfo" to allow players to check their faction's warfare state at will. Information has no game effect until warfare features are fully implemented.
-Fixed an unreported building collision issue with incomplete Refuel buildings that has apparently existed since Beta 6.
-Resolved an issue affecting GMs at POS that impaired events activities.
-Added new slash command "/opti" for help listing commands available to Optimus-ranked pilots only.
-Attempted to address a bug causing an improper, recurrent 1-hr kick event being experienced by some players.
-Added a significant new conflux-related feature and related asset.
-Moved conflux transfer functions serverside, with the goal of improving reliability and efficiency.

8-19-2005 v.1.0103

-Mining missions now pay on a per-unit basis, instead of paying when a certain number of units have been delivered.
-Increased the total ore in each asteroid size.
-Increased the global asteroid replenishment rate.
-Altered production requirements for all laser devices to reduce dependence on a set of bottleneck commodities.
-To cope with the recent mining MODx additions, all Light Miner class ships have received +1 MODX slot.
-Pure asteroids no longer suffer "heating" slowdowns. This was changed because pures are expendable, unlike regular roids.
-Added a function to the pure roid generator that will use shortage information in the economy to increase the chance of pures for the shortage commods.
-Changed equipment pricing to again allow price variances: there is now a financial incentive to move equipment from a producer to a nonproducer, but a financial disincentive to remove equipment from a nonproducer station.
-Extended the Faction Mission system to allow both Cargo and Mining type missions to automatically construct buildings.
-Consolidated the mission PR award system to facilitate changes needed for warfare. Implemented basic changes to factional relationships based on player mission completion.
-Adjusted the Abattis MODx to make it more powerful and thus more useful; changed its production requirements.
-Corrected an odd bug involving splash damage and conflux behavior, probably introduced in 1.0101.
-Destruction of flux by collision no longer results in a kill award.
-Implemented a profanity filter feature, standard in most online games sold in recent years.

7-15-2005 v.1.0102

-Fixed a CTD that would affect Optis in stations when their squad was actively claiming sectors.
-Adjusted the extraction rates of low-end mining lasers upward.
-The FuelScoop handler now includes a factor for the intensity of the storm which will tend to increase scoop rates in some storms.
-Corrected a problem with chat handling for GMs.
-Fixed a bug with CP/SF buildings that allowed incorrect numbers of items to be produced.
-Added a small enhancement to the in-game help queue system to help Empowered Players in assisting other players.
-Fixed a longstanding problem with the /home system that could allow a player to remained /homed at a POS after the owner changes its access type.
-Corrected a design flaw in the "infest warning system" added last patch that resulted in problems with infestation placement and display.
-Made a temporary revision to conflux spawn rates pending upcoming major rewrite.
-Added a new MODx to provide a boost to mining laser extraction rates.
-Addressed an intermittent but serious problem related to improper operation of a function added last patch to prevent certain hacks.
-Fixed a problem with the conflux base spawning and placement systems.

6-17-2005 v.1.0101

-Removed GateKey device previously needed for access to conflux space.
-Fixed an issue that could result in CTD for any pilot in the same sector if a pilot fired a missile while targeting a docking beacon or a rotacol location.
-Corrected a problem preventing use of the Docking Beacon / Docking Computer in the offline sim.
-Added a HUD indicator for the FuelScoop; removed the text activation message.
-Added HUD readouts in lower right for future equipment damage system. Moved inflight medal display to the upper right corner.
-Attempted to address several issues reported on both EU and US servers involving data manipulation using external tools.
-Mentors will now be notified in most cases when one of their students exits the game. Students will likewise usually be notified when their mentor exits.
-Implemented a new "infest warning system". There will be visible indicators on HUD and around gate before an infest appears. Intention is to limit accidental pilot deaths caused by sudden infest appearances; it is now up to the pilot whether to ignore any warnings.
-Added new conflux asset and related systems.
-Altered rules controlling what type of defense droid spawns at TRI stations under different circumstances.
-Added DeepRadar MODx to aid miners in rapidly identifying potentially valuable asteroid types.
-Adjusted some characteristics of collision and rendering systems with the intent of slightly improving general framerates.
-Fixed longstanding bug preventing piracy in a station sector from generating a defense droid response.
-Addressed a problem with defense droid triggering by bountied pilots.
-Fixed a CTD bug caused by spawn changes in last patch. This bug was generally triggered by combat in Aman and Hyp station sectors.
-Addressed several longstanding related bugs tied to network issues and conflux handoff.
-Added new subsystem designed to use Ore Depots to help alleviate raw materials shortages and provide hauling tasks that are directly useful to the game economy.
-Altered econ settings to help prevent GM use of station-spawned commodities from creating overstock situations.
-Corrected an oversight that prevented a "mission completed" notification when completing an inflight mining (ore hauling) mission.

3-17-2005 v.1.0100

-Fixed a problem that would allow Civ players of a faction different than a bountied target to be assigned a temp bounty for shooting the target player.
-Added new bounty functions that gradually improve a bountied target's PR toward zero if downed and the bounty is collected.
-Corrected a problem that had been preventing defense droid kill penalties and kill message displays probably since Episode2 or prior.
-TRI now deducts a bounty from the bountied pilot's account to reimburse the faction when the bounty is collected.
-Pilots with a bounty are no longer permitted to use /give. Pilots who kill a bountied squadmate are no longer awarded the bounty. These changes were necessary to limit exploits.
-Corrected an oversight that created the appearance that a pilot had no bounty with negative PR but only newbie equipment.
-Added FuelScoop MODx to provide the equivalent of "puring" for resources not available in pure asteroids. Some other hard-to mine commods also included. Check JOSSH or the item description for info.
-Fixed an issue with a GM command for POS that was caused by revisions to POS location handling code from the 1.0096 patch.
-Corrected a problem that could arise when a player under the newbie Flight Registry receives a commission.
-Slightly improved C0-C5 topspeeds in response to low-rank ship changes made in 1.0099 patch.
-Fixed a GM command used for flux-related events.
-Fixed a problem apparently existing since before Episode 2 that would have allowed the artifact in The Outer Edge to be unpoppable.
-Added command /toggletips specifically so pilots assigned to the new pilot Flight Registry may turn the TIPS: channel off and on.
-Preliminary spacelane clearing mechanisms are now in place. Some sectors, when cleared of flux, will stay cleared for ~10min. This feature will be enhanced as more flux changes are added.

2-28-2005 v.1.0099

-Corrected remaining gate linkage issues in flux space.
-Fixed a problem with interaction between the Trade and Linkup screens that could interrupt a trade and prevent it from being resumed.
-Corrected an old issue in Simulator that resulted in pilots erroneously displaying a title.
-Fixed a sound issue that was affecting static objects. Under specific conditions the issue was able to cause CTDs.
-Resolved the longstanding pure asteroid texture display problem, in which the pure would briefly switch to a standard asteroid texture.
-Corrected a serious problem with asteroid replenishment affecting Pulsar sector and any recent asteroid edits dating since Ep2 release.
-Changed the chat and message display code to perform line breaks at words instead of at a hard character limit.
-Adjusted econ to provide activity-driven demand for Med Supplies, similar to mechanisms for Ammo, Armor, and foods created last summer.
-Added a GM-only interface for the warfare data systems that are gradually being implemented on the server.
-Altered pilot insurance to only be denied to pilots with negative PR in their home faction.
-Increased the ranking payouts for Ranks 1-9, to begin addressing the lowbie cash deficiency. Likewise altered and rebalanced the starting credits for new pilot accounts.
-Lowered ship hull prices for the Rank 3 and Rank 6 ships.
-Altered ship stats on several Rank 0, Rank 3, and Rank 6 ships, most particularly mass, drag, and engine types, to make these ships more friendly to new pilots. Speed especially was added to reduce new player boredom.
-Performance was altered on several sz1 engines (Mitoria, Mitoria Plus, PCE-1) as balance considerations for the lowbie ship adjustments.
-Adjusted gun hardpoints on the Intruder (Sol HF) for a tighter shot pattern.
-Shepherd engine performance was increased and the little-used Travant Plus was converted from sz2 to sz3 and given new stats. Anyone with Travant Plus engines mounted at time of patch should contact support.
-Created a new Flight Registry restricted to non-reset pilots of Rank 0-8. These pilots are now marked with a shield icon in the HUD.
-Kills of a player protected under the New Pilot Registry will NOT increment the killer's factional kill stats. Obsessive statpadders are thus encouraged to ignore newbies.
-Added new "TIPS" channel, like KTRI, which broadcasts a selection of hints and tips to lowbie pilots flagged with the new Flight Registry.
-Reorganized mentor medal allocation to correct the system and remove clutter: "Cross of the Preceptor" now is a 10x indicator for "Cross of the Mentor".
-Mentoring for a lowbie pilot now concludes at Rank 9 instead of Rank 10. The small xp award for receiving the Cross of the Mentor medal has been increased.
-Terminated jelly spawns in station sectors. Jellies will enter the regular spawn rotation when spawn systems change in an upcoming patch.
-Disabled combat mission availability for Rank 0 pilots, who do not spawn conflux.
-Altered the repercussions for docking at a station where you possess negative PR. Armor is no longer removed. Ammo guns are not armed if you have severely negative PR (<= -60).
-Added further restrictions on the use of /vouch. /vouch is no longer available at Rank 49. /vouch now requires spending xp, representing "factional clout". It will NOT be possible to lose rank by using this tool.
-Rewrote bounty calculations. Bounty payments will tend to be more substantial than previously. Pilot rank and the observer are no longer directly related to the observed bounty. JOSSH will contain complete information.
-Resolved problem where the observed bounty on a targetted pilot disagreed with the amount received if that pilot was downed.
-Fixed major bug where a pilot displaying a temp bounty being downed caused the pilot who downed him to receive a permanent bounty and negative PR.
-Added new functionality to allow Tag changes, due to kills or piracy for instance, to propagate in flight and be correctly visible to others without a pilot needing to dock first.
-Adjustments to HUD in simulator: Tags now visible but still have no effect, pilots labelled "Sim", not "Ally", no bounties visible, bug causing incorrect Titles on all sim pilots (which apparently has existed since game release) eliminated.
-Identified and fixed reported problem with flux spawn loop that was indeed preventing all spawns for pilots of rank below 10.

1-14-2005 v.1.0098

-Corrected problems with an undocumented change to flux space which the test team was not made aware of prior to release of 1.0097.

1-14-2005 v.1.0097

-Addressed a login bug/exploit reported by EU.
-Manually adjusted physical coordinates of objects in the Docking Matrix simulator.
-Attempted to address the "gate-flicker" phenomenon common to most ATI cards. Testing on a non-comprehensive set of hardware provided encouraging results.
-Repair beams no longer affect conflux hulls, which should have always been the case.
-Adjusted the fix for flux spawn information transfer issues from last patch, which turned out to be incomplete.
-Revised the conflux spawn mechanism to help mitigate transfer issues. Jump-time spawns are now delayed a few seconds after a pilot enters a sector.
-Corrected a problem which allowed the new inflight (ore depot) missions to cause a CTD when a pilot with one of these missions opened the regular Mission screen in a station.
-Fixed a problem with Docking Beacon HUD text when using 2D text settings.
-Fixed an issue with conflux gate damage continuing to affect a ship which has already attempted to jump and is waiting to update.
-Added updated asteroid textures and replacement models slightly altered to avoid texture stretching.

12-12-2004 v.1.0096

-Corrected a mistake in sound selection for the new light-ammo conflux gun.
-Eliminated a typo that resulted in bad scan missions for Arkan's Cloud sector, which does not contain an anomaly.
-Altered and enhanced the star-plotting algorithms to add more stars and a galactic plane as part of the graphical enhancement program.
-Blocked the persistence of core station particle effects when a pilot jumps to another sector.
-Added code which should eliminate moire patterns caused by sampling rates on textures on objects seen at a distance, at the cost of extra texture memory usage.
-Added code to prevent an exploit that could be used to fool unregulated stations into providing missions, among other things.
-Added shiptype information to the HUD information displayed when Naval Yards are targetted. This information will allow future strategic targetting of Naval Yards.
-Attempted a sound fix to correct issue with certain effects playing even when the effects volume was set to zero.
-Added serverside data structures to support future changes in the areas of conflux spawns and the warfare system.
-Addressed problem with conflux collisions and POS dating from Episode 2 release: Conflux now collide with and attempt to avoid POS.
-Conflux gunfire now collides with POS. Some cosmetic issues remain.
-Addressed a problem caused by timing of information transfer when a flux spawns. Problem became apparent when spawn camping was made possible in a prior patch.
-Altered conflux collision avoidance processes slightly to address problems caused by interaction with POS. This is temporary pending rewrite of flux behavior.

9-15-2004 v.1.0095

-Fixed problem preventing display of Ore Depot messages involved with the recent Depot mission feature for haulers.
-Addressed missile code glitch caused by work in patch 1.0093.
-Adjusted conflux targetting algorithm to make the aim of laser weapon flux less perfect, but still challenging.
-Corrected bug which caused a CTD in the offline sim if the pilot struck the station.
-Added a GM tool to spawn defense droids as needed for RP events.
-Altered radar display of defense droids from the default yellow to a new color scheme.
-Fixed old bug that prevented deployment of defense droids when a pilot entered a station sector where he has an extremely negative PR.
-Adjusted PR award for sector claims downward in preparation for other changes to the claims system in upcoming patches.
-Addressed an issue that was apparently causing extra delays in the transfer of information about activating a flashfire to other clients.
-Corrected a problem which would cause a player to receive a temp bounty if a Drop Tank is used while another player is targetted.
-Temporarily revised spawn-on-jump mechanisms to generate a number of flux between zero and the former maximum.
-Revised timed spawn mechanisms to prevent a possible condition that could have allowed a sector to exceed its limit of active flux. Unknown what bugs could have been caused by this.
-Linked conflux swarm growth and numbers to online player numbers. Should now see a few more, but smaller, swarms.
-Implemented a simple swarm indicator for the in-game map.
-Altered general text updates about swarms to appear in more limited circumstances. Rigged a new update for sectors containing subspace tranceivers.
-Docking rings will now appear in yellow if velocity is too high to dock. This is meant as a small visual aid to new pilots.
-Implemented a preliminary set of stat changes to conflux. More complete changes will occur in an upcoming patch.
-Added a constraint to the "/vouch" feature requiring the recipient to also be docked at a TRI station.
-Addressed another chat system bug that caused some necessary feedback messages to not appear.

8-24-2004 v.1.0094

-Corrected a CTD problem caused by targetting an incomplete building which resulted from a building tube render fix for the HUD in 1.0093.
-Attempted to eliminate the 5-character chat channel entry exploit while retaining ability to enter channel and send message in the same line.

8-23-2004 v.1.0095

-Addressed remaining gate-layering issues due to recent render changes.
-Adjusted server chatlogging functions to provide for easier moderation and enforcement efforts.
-Added new moderator functions for GMs, to help with enforcement efforts.
-Implemented a new command for the US server to reduce time taken by Themis GMs to do certain administrative tasks.
-Added new slash command "/vouch ", only available to rank 49 & 50 pilots. This allows an Optimus/Alterion to sacrifice PR to improve another pilot's PR with the high-ranker's faction.
-Changed PR decay system slightly: negative PR will now automatically decay only up to -60.
-Altered the ship explosion graphics so that the texture used is appropriate to the object exploding.
-Adjusted food/water and ammo/armor/fuel portions of the consumption code. Amounts consumed should both be lower and more accurately based on player activity.
-Enabled toggling system for ECM use. Antiradars may be toggled. Antiflux and Whistle are "always on" until changes pending in conflux project patch can be completed.
-Added new Jammer ECM device for use against missiles. All ECM use defaults to the 'X' key. The Jammer drains power while active for 10 seconds and has a 90 second delay before re-use.
-Converted the PWD100 MODx to an ECM type device. Use of the PWD consumes a burst of power and some fuel (for the plasma), and has a 30 second recharge delay.
-Adjusted ECM slots on selected combat ships in an effort to balance access to and usage of the new antimissile ECMs.
-Added new Droptank device. This is implemented as a missile. When "fired", the tank empties its fuel load into the onboard tank and is jettisoned.
-Small usability and balance tweaks to Injustice, Warper, Featherfire, and Spitfire guns.
-Addressed a missile-related bug specific to the Cutlass missile that could result in a client CTD.
-Adjusted missile code to resolve the "zero-V missile bug", in which missiles performed poorly if the target was sitting still.
-Implemented additional KTRI message "slots" for GM use, to allow a queue of several public-address messages.
-Corrected a bug in the display of Naval Yard domes when a storm is present in sector.
-Rendered the cave asteroid types subject to mining.
-Adjusted the ore content of asteroids to be about 20% greater for each size category.
-Altered Fast Transport class of ships to have sz2 radar sockets so that it is easier for FT pilots to notice and flee from potential hostiles.
-Altered Flashfire indicator on HUD to visibly show when a Flashfire is running, in addition to the existing auditory cues.
-Changed the Nano Assemblers (and Hydroponics Units) so that a default load from use of the building is 10 units instead of 1 unit. This is limited by cargo capacity available.
-Replaced the cockpit graphic for the Solrain Intruder HF with a version that has a black rectangle behind the radar area. All Oct cockpits are being examined for future changes.
-Adjusted data rates in an attempt to improve transfer of location information for ships using a Flashfire (i.e. to reduce 'warping').
-Corrected a graphical glitch that caused building tubes to not render in the HUD image.
-The mission text for commodities was changed to remove economy information that has become inaccurate over the years since original release.
-Ore Depot buildings now assign ore delivery missions (appear as a Mining type) to the owning factional Depot station for players who visit with no mission and no ore in their cargo hold.
-Fixed problems with .mcb (macro) and .chn (last channel storage) files not correctly being used when changing accounts. Macros can no longer be set in Offline mode.
-Restored the "Booth channel set to (chn)" feedback, missing due to a bug introduced in an earlier patch.
-Prevented death condition in "conflux kills pilot stuck in tube" bug. Client may still need restart if connection to server is latent, but death from flux damage should no longer occur.
-Corrected Hyperial Faction Mission PR bug causing Hyp Mining FMs to give Aman or other PR credit.
-Adjusted regular cargo mission and cargo faction mission delivery handling by station markets.

7-7-2004 v.1.0092

-Corrected a bug that allowed mining in the sim to trigger cargo retention when changing from sim to realspace.
-Reduced probability of flux scan events. Corrected bug causing "snail storm" effect.
-HUD ECM indicator now reflects powered state of ECM device. Toggle not yet enabled.

7-2-2004 v.1.0091

-Corrected flux rendering error at distances from 1500-750m caused by attempted fix of another render problem for general ships.
-Corrected discrepancy between cargo mission per-unit bonuses set by client and paid by server.
-Fixed a longstanding sound issue with the gate-jump effect causing overlap and "echoing".
-Attempted to address rendering issues with docking rings. ATI cards have best results using 32-bit color depth rather than 16-bit.
-Attempted to address some gate-layering and rendering issues. Any degree of success should be more evident on nVidia cards.
-Enabled user-definable rendering distances with "/setrender #". "#" must be 10000 - 50000. This sets the client's max render distance for most objects.
-Addressed "gate-blindness" issue.

6-29-2004 v.1.0090

-Altered the cruise velocities of Transports, Tows, and Fast Transport class ships: FTs are now blockade runners, in prep for contraband systems. Tows were slowed in part to reduce the economic effect of a single ship in a very short span of time.
-Faction Missions will now consume delivered materials that count toward mission completion.
-Reduced CP/SF markup on produced items from 110% to 105% of base price. Reduced Nano Assembler markup to 105% of base price.
-Fixed longstanding cargo display "rollback" bug that could frequently occur while mining.
-Increased ore yields to the maximum possible. Focus was placed on making commodities that are heavily used in production easier to obtain by mining.
-Eliminated a bug that caused the "next" pure asteroid in a sector to be revealed while finishing the mining of the prior pure asteroid.
-Greatly increased the credit rewards of mining, transport, combat, scout, and patrol missions.
-Altered cargo missions so that the mass hauled directly impacts the credit payout and so that deliveries are to stations that consume the commodities.
-Changed a number of production recipes for manufactured commodities and equipment so that more material is consumed. Any changes to components lists will appear on updated JOSSH commodity and equip pages.
-Enhanced Ore Depot buildings to offer increased rewards for ore delivery, including experience and PR.
-Added a test into the economy functions to reduce station production efficiency when a station lacks food and water, causing the station to require more commods to build a given piece of equipment.
-Altered the pricing systems for commodities and equipment to better reflect producer and consumer status of stations.
-Altered production-related demand functions so that demand is both variable over time and takes into account some shortage and surplus conditions.
-Added code to consume Armor, Ammo, and Helium (as "fuel") at TRI stations at rates dependent upon player activity. Linked this usage to pricing and demand functions.
-Fixed a previously unrecognized bug in Nano Assembler function that prevented this building type's shortage-offset feature from working at all.
-Altered Nano Assembler buildings to display as "Hydroponics Units" if the building yields food (Grain or Organic Food) when used.
-Removed Quantar factional bonus to ore sold, due to serious problems with POS. Doubled Quantar factional bonus to mining rate.
-Corrected facton mission issue which prevented building construction from occuring automatically as result of mission progress.
-Added approximately nine more cave-type roids of existing types to strategic sectors across the TRI map, which hopefully will be used to enhance PvP tactics.
-Fixed a bug in a recently-added GM event command that inadvertently restricted operation.
-Added additional code to trap certain types of velocity cheat.
-Corrected a cosmetic bug in the HUD that involved text overlap between rotacol coords and the input chat text area.
-Changed the map screen to default to beacon status display mode when the map is opened.
-Added a new HUD indicator for ECM use, necessary for upcoming ECM functionality changes. For custom HUD makers, this object is "hud_26.bmp".
-Added a new slash command: "/homewhere", to list the location where a pilot will respawn based on /home or other settings.
-Model tweak to Monsoon (Quantar HF).
-Added password functionality to private chat channels: "/chat setpass ", "/chat join ". JOSSH documentation will follow.
-Implemented possible fix for infamous and longstanding "bombertow" bug.
-Corrected graphical issue with Naval Yard domes becoming visible before rest of building fades into view.
-Added three minor event-related functions for GM use.
-Implemented a preliminary render distance enhancement (20km). Further work is needed to solve layering problems at longer ranges.
-Corrected an unreported rendering problem that prevented Quantar ships newer than Whirlwind (Quant FT) from displaying their mounted missiles to others within 400m.
-Altered 3D HUD "holograms" to display using the high-resolution models for most space objects instead of the lower-res versions.
-Fixed a zbuffer problem with the rendering of two of the planets in conflux space.

5-5-2004 v.1.0089

-Corrected minor issue with Linkup entries not reflecting correct color code when posting pilot has entered the simulator.
-Fixed problem with Shift-F12 and F12 functionality.

5-4-2004 v.1.0088

-Added new Operations medal set to incentivize and reward missions completion.
-Corrected problem with Ore Depot buildings that prevented them from correctly paying miners for delivered ore.
-Fixed a problem where resetting an account did not wipe old /home values.
-Made a preliminary adjustment to how and where conflux spawn in a sector. Further conflux spawn adjustments are forthcoming.
-F11 (tightbeam) chat will now echo sent text back to the sender. Please note F11 has never been adapted to the post-Episode2 chat standard. It is still limited to one line.
-Increased mass of the Trap commodity to better reflect the amount of Explosives used in Trap production.
-Made adjustments to the TRI Enforcer and to a conflux subtype to aid their use as events tools.
-Reduced CP/SF markup on produced items from 115% to 110% of base price.
-Fixed problem with CP/SFs that prevented them from correctly handling the prices of items with ore components.
-Corrected an issue with a cave asteroid model that caused bullet collisions to not register properly (players could shoot through and do damage).
-Fixed a longstanding cosmetic problem with the POS Options tab.
-Added a new slash command: "/chat who", for listing pilots using the same non-public F5 channel.
-Added a new slash command: "/clearallprices", for wiping your entire list of custom POS prices at once. Use only if you mean it.
-Added functionality to the "/ignore" command: without a callsign /ignore will output the contents of your ignore list.
-Made adjustment to ore replenishment of pure asteroids to prevent a confusing issue with yields from these roids.
-Added Shift-F12 function to preset a targetted pilot. F12 will recall designated target if in range. Shift-F12 on gate or building will reset F12 to normal function.
-Added backend functionality to asteroid replenishment in preparation for upcoming changes.
-Reduced the lifetime of the highly effective Grave Robber missile, for balance.
-Implemented a new Linkup Information Terminal screen in TRI stations, as Jumpgate's equivalent of "Looking for a Group". Details will be made available in JOSSH.
-Fixed some tooltip display and cosmetic rollover problems in Ship Config, Market, Linkup, and other screens, associated with the extended chatbox.
-Added a 2000m blast radius on nuclear missiles.

4-7-2004 v.1.0087

-Corrected a problem with mortar splash from conflux creating erroneous bounties on other pilots in sector.

4-6-2004 v.1.0086

-Implemented a cleaning process intended to test and eliminate bugged "half-infests" which have historically appeared on server startup.
-Altered the Trap-kill code to correct unintended operation of insurance processing.
-Added /channel command: displays your current F4 and F5 settings.
-Found and corrected an old radar bubble issue in which the missiles were shown using the default color (yellow) rather than the defined missile color.
-Altered missile display color in radar bubble to vary over time to help increase missile distinction in PvP situational awareness.
-Adjusted TRI ships' radar blips to use a white color, rather than the default yellow.
-Modified the /ai command in the offline sim to be capable of spawning C0 - C5 for practice. New syntax: "/ai #" ,"#" is a number from 0 - 5.
-Increased extraction rates of most mining lasers, to improve the overall viability of mining for lower-rank players using the smaller/low-end mining guns.
-Altered production recipes for all ammo-based guns and mining lasers. This updated information will be made available on JOSSH.
-Enhanced graphics associated with mortar weapons fire and hits.
-Augmented an existing GM-only command for easier use during events, added a new GM-only command for event use.
-Improved the /assist queue functionality to aid GMs and volunteers who are helping pilots.
-Fixed a bug with the list of flux weapons affected by the Abattis MODx, extended effective function of Abattis against all flux energy weapons.
-Tweaked the Invader (Sol MF) and Intruder (Sol HF) for possible usability improvement.
-Revised C9 weapon loadout for variety. Examination of other conflux types will be taken up in the near future.
-Rebalanced characteristics of all ammo-based weapons, for variety and usability.

3-11-2004 v.1.0085

-Altered macro and channel storage to function on a per-account basis, instead of globally, to prevent accidental use of another account's macros.
--NOTE: Rename your old macro.bin file to .mcb to avoid re-creating your macros. Example: "Istvan.mcb" (note case sensitivity).
-Corrected missile hardpoint graphic placement in Ship Config screen for Solrain Invader MF.
-Enhanced Grave Robber damage slightly (meant as a high-end dogfighter missile).
-Fixed minor issue with Storage button in Market not correctly making rollover noise.
-Blocked annoying event/NPC account problem where medal or similar news would announce logged-in presence.
-Made an adjustment to prevent a client crash bug that involved the rarely-used free-look mode.
-Corrected a problem with TRI ship (Shuttle, Enforcer) cargo space that was impacting some events.
-Altered Custom Producer / Sci Factory code to display all needed components in viewer's HUD using code symbols displayed in JOSSH.
-Slightly increased the prices charged by Nano Assembler buildings, pending other upcoming econ adjustments.
-Corrected issue with in-flight display of Nano Assembler prices.
-Removed Plutonium pure asteroids and replaced them with Carbon.
-Increased credit payout for destroying an infestation. Also added credit awards for damaging an infestation.
-Slightly increased standard mining mission credit payouts.
-Adjusted method of determining mining mission requirements, making missions slightly easier at low rank, and increasing effective awards for the mid-ranks.
-Slightly increased certain yields from Semifluxor ore.
-Implemented a system to supplement the on-startup checks to prevent substitution of certain game texture files, which were exploitable.
-Made preliminary adjustment randomizing newbie (jellyfish) flux spawn rates in station sectors. Former normal rate is now the maximum.
-Tweaked the Light Miners for each faction for added usability.

2-11-2004 v.1.0084

-Fixed glitch with artifact retrieval that prevented InSight from gaining full use of range extension.
-Made several improvements to some GM-only commands.
-PCM-CSx should now have the correct effect: capacitors will now recharge to the extra extent permitted by these artifacts.
-Cut off function of the Simulator button in stations while a ship is being equipped or loaded with cargo.
-Added PR benefit for downing a sentient conflux, if in factional space, from the faction being defended.
-Some upgrades were made to defense droid stats; an inadvertent low setting in the Octavian Type 1 droid's armor, probably longstanding, was corrected.
-TRI ship stats (Shuttle and Enforcer) adjusted to conform more closely to the flight characteristics of factional ships.
-Assigned a triple-faction (S/O/Q) PR penalty for downing an official TRI ship (Shuttle, Enforcer).
-Beacon credit awards were adjusted slightly upward. To limit exploitation, beacons will now pay any docked pilot as though that pilot were registered Civ.
-Beacon credit award messages were combined with exp awards to reduce chat spam.
-Added a function to clear the Ban and Invite lists in one-step. Type "CLR" in the text box and use the Ban or Invite button to clear that list.
-Adjustment was made to the process of biomass extraction from conflux so that a serious potential exploit was eliminated.
-Added missile hardpoint data to ship config data screen.
-Enhanced the Travel Advisory map feature so that sentient flux activity can be displayed (pink markers).
-Fixed a problem preventing successful use in sequence of more than one PWD100 on a ship.
-Adjusted hardpoints on Shuttles and Large Shuttles to reflect the availability of size 1 guided missiles.
-Implemented a significant change to missile flight code that should improve overall accuracy.
-Made an adjustment to missile collision processing code.
-Added conflux to the Target Last Attacker feature.
-Altered logout-in-flight code to terminate gate-invulnerability as soon as a pilot disconnects.
-Altered logout-in-flight code so that discoed pilots are vulnerable to piracy, as originally intended.
-Added a new GM-only command to assist with POS issues.
-Corrected longstanding problem where rockets would set aggressor flag if any pilot was targetted on radar even when fired nowhere near that pilot.
-Corrected longstanding problem where observers would not see correct guided missile path if fired at a static object, such as an infestation.
-Corrected longstanding problem with rockets that caused observers to see them travel in space and on radar at a heading 90 degrees off actual target.
-Fixed cosmetic problem with Cascade shield description text overrun.
-Adjusted all missile stats significantly, in part to balance around new tracking code, in part to make missiles generally more useful and interesting.
-Added "/sq who" command, to easily determine online squadmates.

12-11-2003 v.1.0083

-Resolved a problem with asteroid state information transfer for pilots logging in in-flight, removing a mining exploit.
-Further adjustments were made to infrastructure for a number of GM commands.
-Missile code was adjusted so that non-tracking rockets do not alert the target.
-Mass code was adjusted so that multipack missiles are correctly accounted for, and mass changes during flight when a missile is fired should now happen correctly.
-Missile hardpoint sizes were added to all ships, in preparation for missile changes in an upcoming patch.
-A small balance adjustment was made to the Intruder (Sol HF).
-An adjustment was made to the Thunder (Quant Tow) to make it more comparable in performance to the other factions' Tows.
-Added infrastructure to permit placement of buildings (e.g. Custom Producers, et al.) in Unreg station sectors, which previously was not possible.
-Fixed a minor but longstanding bug in the skill star award process that would allow skill/glory stars to be awarded with insufficient missions completed.
-Eliminated a minor exploit by changing the function of the Simulator button in stations so that it will not activate while a ship is being repaired or refueled.
-Fixed a problem with sentient conflux affecting GMs' ability to smoothly conduct flux-related events.
-Added a small credit award to regular beacon payout events.
-Made small upward changes to the credit awards for low- and mid-range conflux kills.
-Extended the range of the InSight targetting gun.
-Added a simple Travel Advisory feature to in-game map, showing PvP "hotspots". Detailed info will be placed on JOSSH.


Server update:
Correction made to eliminate a server crash bug that caused the outage overnight 11/20 - 11/21.

11-19-2003 v.1.0082

-Corrected a problem which allowed F1 chat in sector to be heard by pilots in a POS in the same sector.
-A small adjustment was made to a new GM event command.
-Changed /home functionality such that a pilot's home is no longer cleared by faction dock.
-Added the /homeoff command to clear a pilot's home voluntarily. After using /homeoff, a pilot who dies will respawn at his last home faction dock point.
-Adjusted the process for logging in after timing-out in flight to place a ship at its last dock point: whether TRI, neutral, or POS.
-Implemented design adjustments to Interceptor, Invader, Cyclone, Tempest, plus a small balance adjustment to the Typhoon.

11-12-2003 v.1.0081

-Replaced a slightly corrupted sound file, which had developed an irritating "click" (US client only)
-Fixed an odd problem that caused ammo to not reload with certain gun configurations.
-Corrected a minor issue which prevented a mentor from receiving XP when a student was rewarded for mining out a pure asteroid.
-Added a new GM-only command to help with some game events, and made improvements to several other GM-only commands.
-Rewrote PR functions so that it is possible to update PR information in real-time, allowing /ratings to show current info.
-Adjusted information transfer so that a player who has been kicked from the game is shown time remaining (if any) when the player tries to log in.
-Fixed a problem with /sector returning bad information when a pilot is docked at a POS.
-Corrected an issue which resulted in a one-off error in a cargo plus floor space check when a pilot is trading the maximum amount.
-Fixed a glitch in the process of transferring ore using the Burglar. Altered messages for squadmates using this feature, which is not a criminal action.
-Implemented design adjustments to Raven and Chiropteran, plus a small balance adjustment to Phoenix. Other faction ship changes to be implemented in 1.0082.

10-23-2003 v.1.0080

-Fixed a bad light coordinate on the Cyclone (Quantar LF).
-Solved a glitch that would allow pilots with wingmen to trigger flux spawns even in station sectors.
-Fixed a problem that would cause the killer of a pirate to not receive the pirate's visible bounty payout if the pirate had no negative PR.
-Fixed a longstanding problem where medals awarded in flight were not reflected in experience totals (seen by /exp) until next dock.
-Added a correction to take care of the "docking flux" phenomenon.
-Made an adjustment to prevent a nasty "black screen" client hang that could happen when a Trap was stolen.
-Fixed an oversight that allowed certain items not placed in the game to display in POS markets only.
-Corrected a problem that could cause a "rotating white square" to be visible instead of a gate glow texture when a gate is affected by an infestation.
-Made an adjustment that may have fixed an infrastructure problem only affecting GMs.
-Added a new command, /ratings, to allow a pilot to check faction ratings in flight.
-Adjusted the following weapons to provide better variety and usefulness: Liar,Bender,Illuminator,Dealer,Needle,Calefactor,Deceptor,Distorter,Lastlight.

10-7-2003 v.1.0079

-Fixed a hardpoint problem on the Harmattan (Quantar LM)
-Fixed a glitch in the bounty/kill system that would increase PR for pilots with far negative PR who make an illegal kill.
-Corrected a minor cosmetic issue with the BuildKit graphics.
-Fixed a problem with the C25-27 model dating from Ep2 release that would cause its shields to flicker when the conflux was firing.
-Corrected an inadvertent setting that would prevent Pirate-registry pilots from flipping beacons that were already tuned.
-Fixed a problem that would force Pirate-registry pilots to Honor Guard in the event of a bountyable kill.
-Implemented code that is intended to interfere with an exploit used in flux space to kill swarms and other flux.
-Adjusted InSight hit "splash" graphic size upward to correct old reports that the effect was too small.
-Simplified POS Storage function so that non-owners do not access Storage screen at all in POS, preventing misleading messages.
-Added Target-under-reticle functionality for POS.
-Added new command "/gear" for a pilot to use when stuck in home faction station with negative PR and has sold vital equipment.
-Corrected a problem where pilots of other factions could not /home in a POS set to Invite-only in neutral space (assuming they were invited in).
-Fixed a couple of problems in sector claiming function that allowed sectors to enter an unclaimed state that was difficult to recover from.
-Adjusted sector claim function so that claiming a sector when the owning sqaud has no members present simply transfers control.
-Adjusted the sector claim rewards to scale with online pilot count, reducing rewards when the likelihood of claims being challenged is slim.
-Corrected a problem with sector claiming PR rewards. The original intent was that your own faction would reward you PR if you are protecting "home" space.
-Adjusted the following weapons to provide better variety and usefulness: Injustice, Peeler, Serializer, Shark, V.A.P.O.R., Warper.
-Altered the countermass artifacts to operate on a percentage basis, rather than a fixed value.

9-10-2003 v.1.0078

-Corrected possible issue where a mission could end prematurely if the commodity was sold to a POS in the destination station sector.
-The commodity yields from ore have again been increased, and six commodities were rearranged into different ore types.
-Made an adjustment to correct problems with buildings in Depot station sectors.
-Corrected situation where a wingman docked in a POS in a sector could get credit for flux kills elsewhere in the sector.
-Fixed a problem which caused /listprice to erroneously display duplicates of most custom prices.
-Adjusted process so pilots perfoming login in space also get chat default settings. Changed default threshold to Rank 10 vs. Rank 6.
-Corrected a longstanding graphical issue with beam-type weapons. This will be used as ground work for upcoming adjustments.
-Fixed a production information problem with the Spitfire.
-Fixed a problem that allowed conflux explosions to incorrectly display an escape pod graphic.
-Made an adjustment to prevent an artifact hunting exploit reported by EU GMs.
-Corrected a problem that would prevent scanners from working on other ships if the pilot scanning currently had a scan mission in progress.
-Made a change that should prevent a rounding problem in cargo calculations with ore. This would erroneously prevent pilots from launching.
-Adjusted the TRI-BOUNTY messages transmitted by beacons to not list specific pilot names.
-Adjusted standard F5 channel color to increase difference between F5 and F4.

8-14-2003 v.1.0077

-Removed a way to exploit the /mentor command. -Fixed a graphical problem with the new Conflux type introduced in 1.0076.
-Changed Custom Producer (and Science Factory) code to correct issues of incomplete transactions or not using all commods needed.
-CPs/SFs will now charge for items where the value of the commodities is less than the price of the produced item.
-Adjusted default chat so pilots over rank 6 will default upon login to F5:chat (US) or F5:eng / F5:ger (EU). Having a channel besides F5:help set at logout will override this default.
-Changed POS information updating to ensure correct market info passes to visitors. This may fix the "/dump bug" that has been common.
-Added new "Spitfire" size 2 ion gun.
-Fixed problem where POS owner was unintentionally required to have enough credits to buy an item being moved out of own market.
-EU-only: fixed problem with /setprice where German-language item names containing more than one space were not handled. Amended affected names to match English client.

7-31-2003 v.1.0076

-Fixed a glitch that prevented Quantar HM, HF, FR from displaying damage particle effects.
-EU-only: corrected a problem with an erroneous text message during trading.
-Fixed an infrastructure problem only affecting GMs.
-Added a new Conflux subtype to be encountered by players. This was planned as an Episode 2 feature.
-Added numeric designations to upper Conflux.
-Fixed a problem with credit payments from sector claims and POS that could cause loss of ore in cargo while mining.
-Corrected a problem which would cause Nano Assemblers to display an incorrect price for some items.


Server update:
Adjustment made to keep a disconnected pilot counted as part of a sector claim dispute until released by server. This should prevent erroneous bounties assigned due to attacking a target that disconnects.
New beacon feature added: bountied pilots will be tracked by tuned beacons. Only pilots of the faction to which a beacon is tuned wil receive tracking information. Only pilots with a bounty for the faction to which the beacon is tuned will be tracked. A negative PR is required for tracking.


Server update:
Correction made to allow completed faction missions to roll over correctly.
This update includes material intended to accompany patch 1.0075, but which had been delayed.

7-14-2003 v.1.0075

-Removed payout of Sector Claim bonuses while recipient is in the sim to resolve a cargo update problem being encountered by simming pilots.
-Prevented a redundant KTRI message that would result from faction mission completions after the mission had reached 100% progress.
-Eliminated possibility that a special Transport mission cargo item can be stolen using a Burglar.
-Adjusted insurance payouts for pilots wearing Pirate tags killed by a Trap to make Pirate tags more favorable in this situation. Pirates will now receive insurance for their equipped-equipment only.
-Fixed a chat bug that involved display of duplicate lines when paging up.
-Resolved a macro bug that would allow a macro that was too long to be created, affecting other saved macros.
-Fixed a sector claim bug that prevented a one-pilot squad with the same name as the pilot from successfully holding a claim.

6-23-2003 v.1.0074

-Added function to provide in-game profit calculation for cargo haulers. Use /cargonet or /profit or /p to access: /cargonet
-Permitted Empowered Players to ignore /away messages when using F4 so /assist requests can be answered for players who have set /away.
-Fixed a graphical problem resulting in an odd textured model displaying in GVB sector.

6-12-2003 v.1.0073

-Stiffened penalties for pilots who use Burglars while still registered as Civilian or Honor Guard.
-Fixed several related bugs involving replenishment of armor, fuel, and ammo at player owned stations, and related tracking of values when changing ships with Hangar MODx.
-/listprice should display the full list of all custom prices for all users now.
-The problem with ore not being accepted by POS with Ore MODx when the Market is full has been corrected.
-Visitors using /dump at a POS should now be clearly informed when the market is full.
-A server-side fix was done to prevent players from being killed during the docking sequence (after the screen has already begun to fade).

6-9-2003 v.1.0072

-Corrected problem that would cause an "invalid trade packet" message when trading with someone who had entered the sim.
-Fixed a problem in which the total cargo and floor space available to a pilot would not be checked correctly during a trade.
-Conflux payout schedule adjusted: credit payouts generally increased from C8 - c25.
-Pirate registry added, see www.JOSSH.com for details.
-Added functionality to Scanner MODx for Pirate registry pilots.
-Reduced PR penalty for using Burglar for Pirate registry pilots.
-Fixed problem which would prevent a pilot with large negative faction PR from having armor stripped when docked at that faction's stations.


Server update:
Serious problem fixed with access to pilot-owned stations. Problem was introduced in patch 1.0071

5-27-2003 v.1.0071

-Fixed problem where a bountied pilot logging in during flight would not know he was still bountied.
-Changed radar code to solve problem with switching to ENEMY mode with POS targetted, then cycling radar.
-Changed radar setting "ALL NO MISSILES" to "ALL NO MSL/POS", removed POS from display in this mode.
-Added /time command. Returns client's local time in 24-hour format. No more hitting rocks when Alt-Tabbed to see how late it is.
-Added confirmation message to /give so the sender of the credits knows they have been received.
-Fixed problem where a pilot with home faction bounty could be kicked by server after changing ships at home faction station.
-Removed unintended possibility of unsquadded pilot flying through beacon affecting the dispute timer in a disputed sector.
-Invite/Ban features should now function properly when a Pilot-Owned Station is set to "Squad" access.
-Fixed problem with /setprice list duplications causing /noprice to not work correctly.
-Added /listprice command for POS owners wish to list out their current custom prices (/setprice).
-Changed Market Warehouse capacity to be equal to a Tow pod: 500 units, up from 200.
-Removed floor on pirate PR penalties, changed from -15 to the -125 maximum negative PR.
-Removed penalties for use of Burglar if target and user are in the same squad.
-Adjusted another issue affecting Custom Producer performance.

5-8-2003 v.1.0070

-The method for rendering particles has been improved to render particles faster.
-/cargo display for ore and commodities was adjusted to eliminate disagreements with Station Markets.
-Fixed problem with POS appearing in target selection in only one cycle direction.
-Floorspace mismatch problems at faction Storage Depot Stations (SDS) were corrected.
-C13-C18 conflux names added.
-Adjustments made to ensure that certain medals intended to survive an account reset actually are retained.
-Fixed incorrect determination of whether the Docking Comp. MODx was aboard a ship that had just added or removed it.
-Fixed erroneous "WAR: has regained control of " messages appearing when claiming pilot left sector.
-Cargo missions will now take into account the possibility of pilots having Tows at rank 26 and Freighters at rank 38.


Server update:
Problem fixed with calculation of floorspace availability at faction Storage Depots
"Ghost" pilots incorrectly shown at POS should be purged more frequently.
Fractional commodity buildup at POS should be resolved.

4-22-2003 v.1.0069

-The commodity yields from ore have been increased slightly.

4-18-2003 v.1.0068

-/kick command for players was removed as an exploit, unneeded with addition of /dump feature.
-An adjustment was made to logout-in-space code to reduce exploit potential.
-Production ratios for most 2nd and 3rd tier items adjusted slightly to use more material in construction.
-The effects for repair beam guns and the Insight gun have been corrected.

4-15-2003 v.1.0067

-You may now allow dumping at your station by using the /dump command, which will turn dumping on and off. To restrict dumping to squad use only, use /dump squad.
-Server: A bug was fixed with removing custom prices with /noprice that would sometimes remove the wrong price.
-The docking beacon will now show up when cycling backwards through targets.
-Docking rings will now appear for POS in station sectors even if a Docking Computer is equipped.
-A minor cosmetic adjustment was made to the in-station Mission Interface.
-Conflux "engine glow" size problems were fixed.
-Code was added to allow nearest-target function to operate on POS.
-POS will now properly drop from radar if targetted when radar range is exceeded.
-POS no longer appear in the list of radar targets when ENEMY mode is selected.
-Nova series medals will now be awarded when PR reaches the threshold from Sector Claim activity, without completing an extra mission to "trigger" them.
-Various bug fixes to server side production code were done, which will effectively improve production of the latest equipment/commodities.
-C10 flux should now count toward combat missions.
-Mission fixes were implemented on the server for photography/scout and patrol missions.
-Ship Config screens for Dragon, Vulture, Khamsin, and Lodestar will now reflect the correct number of MODx slots.

4-2-2003 v.1.0066

-A problem with buying nukes (Maul, Sabre, Glaive) and the Antagonizer powerplant has been corrected.
-Problems with custom producers showing incorrect required components has been fixed.
-(Server Side) Today a bug was fixed which would give players bounties for using missiles in sector disputes.

3-28-2003 v.1.0065

-The change regarding flashfires from the last patch has been reverted.

3-28-2003 v.1.0064

-Players with newbie protection on will no longer show up as warred.
-Added the ability for players to kick themselves from a player station if they are stuck, type /kick on a player station.
-Prices for ore in the market will now display correctly, they were previously too low in the interface.
-Flashfires will now last for 20 seconds.
-Player stations no longer show up when the "ENEMY" radar mode is being used.
-Logging into a player station will now clear the player list of 'Ghosts'.

3-26-2003 v.1.0063

-An issue with certain artifacts having a level requirement at player stations has been fixed.
-The anomaly in Amananth is now visible and scanable.
-Repair guns are now again visible in markets.

3-18-2003 v.1.0062

-Episode 2 Released
-Player owned stations are now available
-Three new ship classes, the Freighter, Heavy Miner and Heavy Fighter
-New conflux territory added
-New conflux types added
-Two new 'conflux' ecms added
-Two new radars added
-Two new capacitors added
-Two new engines added
-Five new guns added, two of which are mining lasers and the others are weapons
-Two new shields added
-Two new MODX, the GateKey and Burglar, along with build-kits for 2, 4, and 8 point stations, and 7 station modules
-Some improvements to the chat interface were done, including wrapping text, and an expanded in-station window. Also chat may be scrolled with the up and down arrow keys while in station
-Production has been changed to make mining more important, so that most all first-tier can be mined, and those first tier commodities will now be produced slightly less as well.
-An issue with ore being lost when disconnecting in space has been fixed
-Radar cycling has been reversed so that it 'zooms in' instead of zooms out
-Flashfires are now a single-use item
-A new commodity, the 'Trap', has been added to discourage piracy
-Large swarms of conflux will now spawn in the new map, and have a small chance of migrating out to TRI space. Players will receive shared experience rewards for helping to completely destroy a swarm
-Conflux will now spawn randomly in deep space, as well as near jumpgates upon jumping
-The command '/sq claim' has been added to allow squads to take control of sectors, and may also be used to dispute another squad's claim to that sector.
-The command '/publish' has been added to toggle whether your player station information shows up on JOSSH
-The rank requirement for the tow class of ships was dropped to 26, and the light miner class's rank requirement was dropped to 21
-An issue with defense droids attacking innocent players has been fixed


Production and consumption rates for all items at all stations have been corrected to match the production locations displayed on www.JOSSH.com .


Corrections were made to the JOSSH production data for the following equipment: RB-4, Rush, Dream, Impeler, Propulser, Deepol. The components to create these items now reflect what is required in-game.

7-17-2002 v.1.0061

-some bugs in custom producers have been fixed
-infestations will now reward experience to any player who lands a missile on them, the amount of experience is the current number of players online multiplied by 2 for every missile landed
-some improvements were made to GM tools